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Steel Valley Roofing and Siding is a roof replacement specialist that has been serving the Canfield, Ohio area. We are proud to provide quality roofing solutions and superior customer service to our customers every time. Our unique value proposition is providing cost-efficient and reliable services that not only leave your roof looking new but also bring safety and security with top of the line materials, products, and installation techniques.

At Steel Valley Roofing & Siding, we’re passionate about helping our local community by delivering excellence at an affordable price - without sacrificing on performance. Our mission statement is to build trust with each client by keeping their best interests in mind throughout every step of the process while striving for excellence in customer service as well as safety standards; all backed up by solid warranties on our workmanship. Our vision is to continue being the premier roof replacement provider in Canfield as well as further expand into other parts of Ohio so more homeowners can experience what it means to have a safe and secure home thanks to Steel Valley Roofing & Siding's quality craftsmanship.

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